Personal Accident & Disease Insurance

Any person within the age from 16 to 60 and in good health can take out the personal accident and disease insurance. The insured can choose Table A for not only accidental death & injury cover but also medical expense cover for 55 diseases expressed in the proposal. Table B can be chosen for accidental death and injury cover. The persons over the age of sixty can choose the Table C which provides death cover only. The insurance period ranges from one month, three months, and six months to one year. The maximum sum insured is Ks- 20,000,000 or USD- 50,000. The premium rates are based on the insured’s occupation, which is categorized into three classes. Class I is for those who have the lowest risk work site, class II is for those who are work in charge and class III is for those who are working under the hazardous condition. Medical Expense, Additional Disease, Riot and Civil Commotion, War Risk, Sea Risks, Sportsman Risk, and Occupational Accident Risk can be purchased as additional covers. The stamp fees is 30 Kyats per the Sum Insured Ks 100,000. The table of Premium rate is annexed.


Premium Rates (%)

Period Of Insurance Of Exceeding Table A Table B Table C
One Month .175% .20% .225% .100% .125% .150%
Three Months .350% .40% .450% .200% .250% .300%
Six Months .525% .60% .675% .300% .375% .450%
Twelve Months .700% .80% .900% .400% .500% .600% .100% .150% .175%

N.B Cover under Table D should not be given for less than a year.


Additional Premium Rates

Sr. No. Additional Cover Rate Sr. No. Additional Cover Rate
1 Medical Expense 10% on Basic Premium 5 Sea Risks 15% on Basic Premium
2 Additional Disease 5% on Basic Premium 6 Sportsman 10% on Basic Premium
3 Riot and Civil Commotion 0.05% on Sum Insured 7 Occupational Accident 15% on Basic Premium
4 War Risk 0.10% on Sum Insured
  • Death by disease is not covered under P.A Policies
  • Stamp Fees – Ks. 100,000/- = Ks. 30/-

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