Government Personnel Life Assurance

Insured person Government Personnel
Insurable age 18 to 62 years old
Minimum Sum Insured 100,000 kyats
Maximum Sum Insured 30,000,000 kyats (the premium shall not exceed the 15 % of salary)
  • Government personnel under the age of 50 shall affect compulsory life assurance.
  • Government personnel over the age of 55 are exempt from compulsory life assurance.
  • The proposer whose age is between the age of 18 and 50 and /or the sum insured is under kyats 2,000,000/- is exempt from having the medical check-up.
  • The proposer whose insured amount is over 2,000,000 kyats and/ or over the age of 50, needs to show medical check-up results.



Death and Total Permanent Disability benefits are covered within the insurance period and the insured can get the total sum insured amount. Other benefits are maturity, loan, surrender value, paid-up value and discount value.

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