Comprehensive Motor Insurance

New Motor Vehicle Insurance is designed for the vehicles and mobile plants registered at Road and Transport Administration Department except motorcycles.


Insurance period

The insurance period may be 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months (1 year).


Sum Insured

Sum Insured which is not more than the market is kept at the agreed value between the insurer and the insured.


Premium rating

The premium will be calculated based on vehicle use, vehicle’s value, model and manufacture, cupid capacity and loading passengers of the vehicle

The minimum premium will be 1.072% (private) and 1.734% (commercial) of the sum insured.


 The coverages getting to be insured

Section A For own damage of the insured vehicle

  • Accidental collision or overturning;
  • Collision or overturning caused by mechanical breakdown;
  • Collision or overturning caused by wear and tear;
  • Fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lighting;
  • Of Mischief/Malicious act;
  • While in transit including loading and unloading) by road, rail, inland waterway, lift or elevator;
  • Impact damage caused by falling objects provided no convulsions of nature is involved;
  • Strike, Riots and/or Civil Commotions (SRCC)
  • Breakage of Frong Glass in Windscreen – replacement value
  • Own damage – replacement value
Section B For Third-Party Liability

  • Death to any person – Kyats 3 million
  • Bodily injury to any person – proportional value according to Compulsory Third-Party Liability Rule
  • Property damage of Third-Party – Loss value
  • Maximum compensation for any one occurrence – Kyats 50 million
Section C For Personal Accident and Medical Treatment
(insured, drivers, any person on the vehicle)

  • Death to any person – Kyats 3 million
  • Bodily injury to any person – proportional value according to Compulsory Third-Party Liability Rule
  • Maximum compensation for any one occurrence – Kyats 50 million


Additional coverages to be purchased voluntarily

Coverages Premium rating
Acts of God 0.065% of Sum Insured
War 0.065% of Sum Insured
Theft 15% of Basic Premium
Windscreen (Compulsory) 6.5% of Windscreen
Strike, Riots and/or Civil Commotions (SRCC) (Compulsory) 0.065% of Sum Insured
Betterment 30% of Basic Premium
Nil Excess (up to Kyats 0.1 million) Kyats 25,000
As Nil Excess Amount increases, the charges premium is entitled to a reduction.


No-Claim-Bonus (NCB)

Period of Insurance Private Vehicle Commercial Vehicle
The second renewal year 25% 15%
The third renewal year 30% 20%
The third renewal years above 40% 25%

The NCB is personal to the insured. The insured’s NCB cannot be transferred for the benefit of the new owner.


Fleet Discount

If the Insured takes out insurance for 10 vehicles and above simultaneously, Fleet discount will be provided by reducing 10% on the basic premium.


Claim Procedures

The insured must notify in writing or by phone or any means with particulars of the vehicles involved, date and time of accident and a brief description of the circumstances of the accident as soon as possible. practicable at latest within 7 days after an event which may become the subject of a claim under this Policy.

The vehicle’s damage must be repaired only after taking the approval by Myanma Insurance. The insured can claim by filling in the claim form with details after 3 years have elapsed since the date of accident.


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If you claim for your vehicle,

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