Snake Bite Life Insurance

  • The policy is imposed for people who live either in rural areas or in urban areas and who can suffer from snake bites.
  • The policy is aimed for people’s trust to rely on the Health Departments
    • To have enough medical expenses
    • To have financial support when the insured die or injury
    • To increase the budget of the country
Insurable age all ages
Premium rate 500 Kyats for 1 unit (sum insured amount is 500,000 kyats per 1 unit)
Purchasable Unit 1 unit to 10 units
Maximum sum insured 5000,000 kyats
Policy Period one year


Benefits (for one unit)

Death 500,000 Kyats
Losing both eyes 250,000 Kyats
Partial body death 250,000 Kyats
Transaction 250,000 Kyats
Medical expenses 80,000 Kyats

Note: The insured can enjoy medical expenses for the treatment in the governmental hospital or clinic.



The insured can claim with the documents mentioned below after being bitten by snake during six months.

  • The original of Insurance certificate
  • Recommendation of the department that reports the snake bites
  • Medical Certificate for the treatment in governmental hospital/clinical
  • Recommendation of governmental Hospital/Health Department
  • Death Certificate
  • The original of receipt for the actual treatment
  • Photos of injured body and parts



The insured cannot claim for death in any case, body injury and medical treatment in any case except from snake bites.

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