Myanma Insurance

Myanma Insurance, the state-owned insurance company, was founded in 1952 and started as a life insurer but later it underwrites both life and non-life insurance.  Currently it underwrites the following portfolios:-

Life Assurance

  1. Government Personnel (Short Term) Endowment Life Assurance
  2. Government Personnel Life Assurance
  3. Military Personnel Life Assurance
  4. Public Life Assurance
  5. Short Term Endowment Life Insurance
  6. Education Life Insurance
  7. Student Life Insurance
  8. Shore Job Life Assurance
  9. Seamen Life Assurance
  10. Farmer’s Life Assurance
  11. Snake Bite Life Assurance
  12. Group Life Assurance
  13. Public Term Life Insurance
  14. Sportsmen Life Assurance
    1. Health Insurance including Covid-19 Cover
    2. Critical Illness Insurance
    3. Micro Health Insurance
  15. Single Premium Credit Life Insurance
  16. Short Term Single Premium Credit Life Insurance
  17. Single Premium Edowment
  18. Smart Saving 5/2 Life Insurance

General Insurance

  1. Fire & Allied Perils Insurance
  2. Burglary Insurance
  3. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
  4. Cash in Safe Insurance
  5. Cash in Transit Insurance
  6. Personal Accident & Disease Insurance
  7. Workmen’s Compensation Insurance
  8. Liability Insurances
    1. Miners’ LIability Insurance
    2. Third Party Liability Insurance/Public Liability Insurance/ Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
    3. Bailee’s Liability
  9. Contractor’s & Machineries Insurance
    1.  Contractor’s All Risks Insurance
    2. Erection All Risks Insurance
    3. Electronic Equipment Insurance
    4. Machinery Insurance
    5. Contractor’s Plant & Machinery
  10. Deposit Insurance
  11. Marine Cargo Insurance
  12. Marine Hull & Machinery Insurance
  13. Aviation Hull Insurance
  14. Aviation Liability Insurance
    • Crew Personal Accident Insurance
    • Aviation Hull Deductible Insurance
    • Aviation Hull War & Allied Perils Insurance
  15. Travel Insurance
  16. Ship Owner and Ship Operator’s Liability Insurance
  17. Tiger Fishing Barge Owner’s Liability Insurance
  18. Oil & Gas Insurance
  19. Third Party Liability Insurance
  20. Comprehensive Motor Insurance
  21. Credit Guarantee Insurance
  22. Reinsurance

Its head office is situated at no. 627/635, Merchant Street, Yangon, Myanmar and it has 39 branch offices at cities and towns nationwide.

Myanma Insurance has huge reserve funds (Life Fund Kyats 26130.91 MIO, General Fund Kyats 164694.67 MIO, General Reserve Fund Kyats 15388.48 MIO) and has a substantial reinsurance cover.  It has Marine Excess of Loss Reinsurance Treaty, Fire Excess of Loss Reinsurance Treaty and Motor Facultative Obligatory Treaty and Energy Treaty.  These Reinsurance Treaties are placed with top-notch reinsurers.  Furthermore, Myanma Insurance is backed by the Government, which   assumes all the liabilities of it under the Myanma Insurance Law. So, Myanma Insurance is the insurer who will never be liquidated. Myanma Insurance is also reputed as the insurer who will never run away from a legitimate claim and it has paid total of kyats 4788.25 million in claims in the last financial year (2018-2019).

Myanma Insurance, like all other insurers, is using agency system extensively and from time to time new agents are recruited and trained.

Since Myanma Insurance is a state-owned insurer, the laws require that all the foreign investors must buy insurances only from it.

Contact Phone Number

Admin Department

379088, 384865, 252372, 246902

Life Insurance Department

384881, 384876, 386919

Account Department

384870, 384868

Duty Room


Fire, Engineering and Miscellaneous Insurance Department

251764, 384874, 384867

Marine, Aviation & Travelling Insurance Department


Third-Party Liability Insurance Department

384864, 384873