Ship Owner and Ship Operator’s Liability Insurance

  • Ship owners can insure any person in the service in any ships or motor vessel.
  • period (1) year
  • sum insured – from minimum (1) unit  for kyats (5) Lakhs to maximum (10) units kyats (50) Lakhs
  • premium rate – kyats (3500/-) for (1) unit



  • accident before getting on to the ship and after getting off the ship.
  • using narcotic drugs
  • intentional self-injury
  • suicide
  • commiting offence on  the ship.


Requirements for Claim

  • the insured, the policyholder/ employer or the beneficiary can submit the claim.
  • the documents to be submitted together with the claim form
    1.  Department of Fisheries’ Recommendation
    2.  Recommendation from Police (or) Regional Authority concerned
    3.  Ship owner and two witnesses’ remarks
    4.  Copy of Death Certificate (for death)
    5.  Copy of Medical Certificate (for injury)
    6.  List of ship workers in this voyage approved by regional authority


For Benefits

  • To inform instantly Myanma Insurance (Head Office) or branch offices for death and injury
  • To submit the claim during six months for injury.
  • The corpse is not found due to various reasons if the insured die, the beneficiary will be suspended until after two years ago.

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