Shore Job Life Insurance

  • This policy is set for the insurance that can cover the employees who work in foreign countries during the insurance period and the benefit is for injury or death.
  • The policy is a kind of life insurance that the beneficiary/insured can submit claim when the insured dies or is injured.
  • It is an annual policy for the insured and the policy starts when the insured leave from Myanmar and ends when it takes a year.
Insurable age    18 to 60 years old
Premium   30,000 Kyats for a unit
Maximum Sum Insured 5,000,000 kyats
Purchasable Unit   1 to 4 units



  • Committing suicide
  • Death when the insured commit in illegal cases
  • Death for using narcotic drugs
  • Death for working in illegal factories or workplace


Documents for claim process

When the insured passes away during the policy period, their family can claim for the death of insured and the insured can claim by themselves for their injury by following the claim process with required documents.

  • Application form of the beneficiary
  • The original of insurance certificate
  • Recommendation of the embassy or consulate
  • Photo of the injured or death
  • Recommendation of the company
  • Reports of the Hospital

Note: The insured must submit Health Declaration form, copy of passport, a photo of the insured and copy of NRC when they apply for the proposal for shore job life insurance.

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